Physiotherapy Provider
Optimus Health Group has been the physiotherapy provider to Melbourne Rugby Club for the past three seasons. They are the Club’s exclusive provider and preferred physiotherapy provider for the VRU.

Optimus have a team of highly experienced rugby physiotherapists. The Melbourne Rugby Club highly recommends that if you require private treatment to book in at one of the Optimus Clinics for treatment. Optimus physiotherapists are in close contact with coaching staff to keep them informed of any modified training requirements and estimated return to play after injury.

They have strong networks with local GP and Orthopedic Surgeons, often being able to get players in to see specialist doctors avoiding standard long wait times.

Optimus offers all Unicorns and Family Members a 10% discount off private clinical services including:
– Physiotherapy Services
– Dietetic Services
– Sports & Remedial Massage

Other Services include:
– Player Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Groups – specific discounts apply contact Optimus to find out more
– Concussion Baseline & Post Injury Testing – $25 per test

Private healthcare deductions are available at all clinics.

Optimus Locations
407 Bridge Road, Richmond
6 Lord Street, Richmond

How do I book?
You can book online or call the clinic on (03) 9913 8986 or speak directly to your team medic or the Optimus medic who will be available at training on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Book Online » click here

Important – Optimus will make special arrangements for Melbourne Rugby Club players if you cannot find a suitable time online call for an appointment.

Optimus Game Day Medics
Premier 1 (1st Grade) – Katherine Taylor
Premier 2 (2nd Grade) – Jo Busit
Premier 3 & 4 (3rd & 4th Grades) – Cameron Steptoe
Colts – Sarah Stratulate
Womens – Imogen Ackerly
Chargers A – Hao Xiao
Killah Bees – Aaron Ng
Masters – Yerin Song

An Optimus Medic will be available for injury assessment and basic First Aid at training.

Who can I contact at Optimus with any questions?
Dawn Cantwell, Sports Coordinator – 0452 071 241

Optimus Health Group Preferred Rugby Physio

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